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Exhibitor List

C001 Weihai Detron Co., Ltd. Floating, Ship Equipment
C002 Weihai HHH Mach. & Elec. Group Power Transmission and Electric Hydraulic Control of Professional Technology
C003 Qingdao Chuanqi Yacht Manufacture Co., Ltd. Propulsion Engines
C005 Qingdao Sushiqi Boat Products Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Fitting, Accessories
C006 Hasda Electric Co., Ltd. Boat Electric Device
C007 Weihai Hongfei Boat Products Co., Ltd. Boat Accessories, Communication and Navigation Equipment
C008 Weihai Dafang Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Inflatable Boats
C009 Qingdao Deson Marine Co., Ltd. Floor Decorationof Boat Bottom?
C010+WBS005 Weihai Hi-sea Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Inflatable Boats
C011 Weihai Surfking Outdoor Co., Ltd. Surfboards
C012 Favorite Sports Goods (Weihai) Co., Ltd. Inflatable SUPs
C013+WBS008 Weihai Jifeng Ship Accessories Co., Ltd.? Fiberglass Boats, Propulsion Engine, Accessories& Materials
C015 Weihai Anhang Yacht Co., Ltd. Fiberglass Boats
C016 Weihai Meirenyu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.? Refrigerating Machine?
C017 Weihai Transe Boats Co., Ltd. Inflatable Yachts
C018 Weihai Ruiyang Boat Development Co., Ltd. Inflatable Yachts
C019 Weihai Comaxmarine Co., Ltd. Surfboards, Rubber Yachts
C020 Weihai Yamar Outdoors Products Co., Ltd. Surfboards, Rubber Yachts
C021 Dongying Anson Electrical Co., Ltd Stainless Steel Hardware Accessories
C022 Qingdao Haohai Boat Co., Ltd. Inflatable, Fishing, Floating, Fiberglass Boats
C023 Weihai Sun Reflections Co., Ltd. Yachts, Ship Accessories
C026 Qingdao Haiyan Yacht Co., Ltd. Surfboards, Fishing Yachts, Luxury Yachts
C027 Dongying Isure Marine Co., Ltd. Angent and Wholesaler of Stainless Steel Hardware Accessories
C029 Wudi Yongjia Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Rigging, Handle
C030 Weihai  Hifei Marine Co., Ltd.  Inflatable Boats, Surfboards
C031 Qingdao Beileji Yacht Co., Ltd. Inflatable Yachts
C032+WBS010 Rushan Fudi Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. Inflatable, Fiberglass Yachts
C033 Weihai Xiangda Marine Co., Ltd. Inflatable Yachts, Surfboards, Fishing Yachts
C035+WBS007 Weihai Rongsheng Boat Co., Ltd. Fiberglass Boats
C037 Dongying Xinxing Marine Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Boat Accessories
C038+WBS018 Weihai Goldluck Yachts Co., Ltd. Yachts Manufacturer, Outdoor Products
C039+WBS017 Weihai Xigang Yacht Co., Ltd. Fiberglass Yachts, Outdoor Products
C040 Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship Co., Ltd. Rubber Yachts, Fishing Boats, Inflatable Boats, Outdoor Products
C041 Wudi Zhibo Metals Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Hardware Accessories
C047 Weihai Sunshine Yachts Co., Ltd. Inflatable Yachts
C048 Weihai Synsor Boat Co., Ltd. Rubber Yachts, Floating Boats
C049 Weihai Wave Fun Outdoor Co., Ltd. Inflatable Yachts with Fiberglass Bottom, Aluminum Alloy Bottom
WBS001 Lingbo Marine Co., Ltd. Large Fiberglass Boats, Outdoor Products
WBS006 Weihai Jieshi Yacht Co., Ltd. Fiberglass Boats with 10 Meters, Outdoor Products
WBS009 Weihai Hongyun Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Fiberglass Yachts, Outdoor Products
WBS011 Dalian Huanzhu Yachts Co., Ltd. Tour Yachts, Fishing Yachts, Work Yachts