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About WBS 2021


  1. Position Advantage
  2. Weihai locates in the world boat manufacturing area with Japan and Korea and the center of the outstanding boat manufacturing area composed by another 3 cities of Dalian, Qingdao and Yantai. The coast line of Weihai is almost a thousand kilometer, and 3 public ports of Grade 1 and many natural bays. Due to the depth of most of its nearby seas is over 9 meters, the time of boat producing in the open air is longer, besides, its transportation is very convenient, Weihai is considered to be the important boat manufacturing base in north of Shandong Peninsula by the Shandong Government.

  3. Good Industrial Foundation
  4. Weihai has a completed boat industry chain covering manufacturing, maintenance which is predominant in the business of Weihai, accessories, yachts and marine, and there are 82 boat manufacturing factories in Weihai, while 43 in Qingdao, 35 in Dalian and 27 in Yantai.

    40% of these companies provide OEM for the international market, while 70% of these OEM enterprises need to import parts, equipment and accessories from the overseas market.

    The boat products cover almost all the range such as canoes, kayaks, small to medium fiber glass yachts, fishing boats, rubber yachts, express, luxury yachts, etc. which are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Russia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, etc.

  5. Completed Development and Creation System
  6. In recent years, Weihai keeps developing its technology development, and has built and completed the system of boat manufacturing technology innovation, built the institutes for technology development and experts training.


Currently, the levels of the design ideas, raw materials, arts, crafts and techniques of the Chinese boats and yachts are the same level with the Chinese fishing tackle manufacturing industry¡¯s before 1999.

In 2020, the export volume of China¡¯s boats was only USD500 million, while the yearly sales volume of the world boats industry had reached up to USD40 billion, if there were fees of maintenance, management, entertainments, etc. the income would be over USD 50billion in a year. The big of the gap between China and the world is so obvious.

From the view of consumption, every 140 people own one boat among the developed countries worldwide, and the per capita of boats is pretty high in the developed countries in Europe and U.S. etc. America is the world largest boat consumption country, about 17 million or so, every 14 people have one boat, and in many developed countries in North Europe, every 10 people own one yacht. According to the statistics of National Maritime Administration, there are 2500 boats registered in China, and 5000, if the fishing yachts are counted, that is every 270 thousand people own one boat. Compared with the developed countries, the gap of the per capita of boat is big. The boat industry is about USD500 million, the whole market is mall, generally speaking, the Chinese boat market is still in the primary stage of the development.

In the following decade, the Chinese yacht industry is likely to increase by over 30% per year, and will meet the new consecutive industry opportunity. In China, there are over 17 provinces and more than 80 central cities have begun the plans and projects of the development and construction of landscape and water system, and many of the governments intend to develop the boat industry. Meanwhile, the industry chain is getting more and more balanced, the lack of the equipment and service of this industry is getting better. Generally speaking, there will be development spike of the Chinese yacht industry. And the Chinese yacht industry is estimated to be USD5 to 7 billion in the next 10 years.

The design ideas, raw materials and quality of the yachts made in China need a revolution thoroughly now!


WBS 2021 & CGC SHOW 2021
June 26-28, 2021
Weihai International Exhibition Center
Weihai, China

Weihai is the manufacturing base of fishing tackle and the boats manufacturing center in north of China as well, so it¡¯s the most cost-effective way for the fishing tackle and boats buyers to visit the shows.

The Organizer has been making plan for the shows for years
Back to 1991, the organizer seized the opportunity of the fishing tackle market in China and built up ChinaFish, and in 1995, the organizer saw the necessities for the Chinese fishing tackle products to enter the world market, and ever since then, not only ChinaFish becomes world-known, but also the Chinese fishing tackle products are well-known gradually in the world as well.

The organizer not only encourage the manufacturers to improve the quality of the products but also advocate the spirit of innovation and creation, to change ¡°Made-in-China¡± into ¡°Created-in-China¡±.

On one hand, the organizer managed to enhance the fishing tackle manufacturing industry in China in all aspects, and on the other side, the world enjoyed the products in low prices and good quality.

International Buyers
30 years later, ChinaFish has become one of the world-leading fishing tackle show, with more than 3000 international buyer from 110 countries and regions, and about 1500 regular international buyers from about 80 countries and regions around the world visit ChinaFish each year.

Industrial Resources
ChinaFish is famous for its internationality and professionality in this industry in China, ChinaFish and CGC (Weihai) Show which is also held by the organizer of ChinaFish are the only two fishing tackle shows for the international market specially in China. Each year, the Chinese fishing tackle manufacturers who produce products for the overseas market exhibit the shows.

And to win the Best Product of ChinaFish is the award being looked forward by both of the Chinese and overseas exhibitors.

Boat Show Weihai, China
June 26-29, 2021
Weihai International Exhibition Center
Weihai City, China
Real Show + Virtual Show + Video Connection Agents Onsite


In 2021£¬you will experience a wholly new exhibition like never before! This new way of show will still be used in our following shows.


An extraordinary virtual show built up by special software, the exhibitors can upload the detailed exhibits information in a quite easy way.
With the 30-year international show organization experience, we manage to build up a platform for the 3000 overseas buyers.
The exhibitors set the safety level of viewing their products online.
Make the onsite show video connection appointment in advance to have instant business talks onsite.


ONSITE Online and Offline

We plan to provide 50 agents for overseas buyers personally to have the one on one online communication.
Provide service to each exhibiting company equally and justly, no matter how big or small the company is: there will be a special man making videos for all the booths, which will be open to the overseas buyers on the international APP, you can take a look of the show whenever and wherever you are.



The videos of the show onsite could be played whenever it is, the registered overseas buyers can make the enquiry continually, the exhibitors can experience the advantage of the show for a whole year!



Visit www. for 120 boat manufacturers and their products

Choose video connection with the show agents to visit the show onsite by video. You can connect with the exhibitors and talk with them about their products, negotiate with them, etc.

You can visit the factories that you are interested at the show when it¡¯s closed by video.