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    Nowadays, we’ve invested tens of millions in importing equipment from Japan, and sent people to learn know-how from Japan ,every and each hook we make contains expertise of 200 craftsmen completely concentrated with 100% excellent workmanship. Recently our products are being exported back to Japan, the land marking excellence of making fishing hardware. No matter how much effort we invested ;no matter how many materials we experimented, what won’t change is the best quality that black kingkong perusing. We believe that this marks respect and honor to all fishermen who aspire to freedom and happiness in fishing, and that this marks the wonderful dream that black king kong is after as a hundred-year-old enterprise.


NameBKK Jigging hook

Company: Poyang black king kong Fishing Tackle co.,ltd


Brand: BKK

Model: 8070-3X-HG

Material: high carbon steel imported from Japan

Price: $4.66 USD/ per packet (wholesale price)

Origin: China

In Stock/Not In Stock: in Stock

Time to Market Sales: Oct., 2013

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 packets

Detailed Description:

BKK 8070-3 X-HG is a fine wire jigging hooks which is suitable for any sea water in the world, the hook type series coverage for the fish species is quite wide.

Design goal: emphasis on ultra high efficiency of piercing fish (early and fast sticking the fish), as well as ultra high penetration. It is also with high strength and high anti-rust protection.

Technology: Adopting the BKK - 81 WV materials, with excellent heating treatment technology, it made 8070 jigging hook with super tension and elasticity. 8070 jigging hook is made of BKK proud hand-ground hook-point technology. Meanwhile, the welding seamless hook-ring and the latest antirust technology are applied in the jigging hook