China (Weihai) International Fishing Boats,

Yachts and Accessories Show

The mission of this exhibition is to improve the quality, categories and capacity of the Chinese boat and yacht industry by leaps and bounds by introducing the advanced design ideas, materials, arts, crafts and techniques and push the development of the industry to meet the demands of the Chinese market, and introduce the Chinese boats and yachts to the world market.

Currently, the levels of the design ideas, raw materials, arts, crafts and techniques of the Chinese boats and yachts are the same with the Chinese fishing tackle manufacturing industry¡¯s before 1999.

ChinaFish, founded in 1991, started to attract the international clients instead of the domestic ones in 1995, when the Chinese fishing tackle companies were only able to produce low-end glass fiber fishing rods and fishing reels at the exported price of USD1 per reel, and had little exportation. In order to change this situation, and open the international fishing tackle market, ChinaFish did a lot of work to foster the development of this industry from 1995 to 1997, during which time, the organizer of ChinaFish was always abroad working for this purpose, bringing the latest fishing tackle market information to the Chinese fishing tackle enterprises, making promotions for the Chinese fishing tackle products at the overseas exhibitions and media awesomely, sending the fishing tackle magazines in English edited by ourselves to the fishing tackle buyers worldwide, encouraging the overseas clients to come to ChinaFish to find the OEM suppliers in China for their products, all of these contributed a lot to the Chinese fishing tackle exportation. In these three years, most of the job done by ChinaFish extended the its range as an exhibition organizing company, but with awesome effect. The Chinese fishing tackle manufacturing level was highly improved, and formed a completed fishing tackle manufacturing industrial chain gradually.

The ban on the Chinese carbon fiber exportation was lifted by the Coordinating Committee for Export to Communist Countries in 1996 and the Wassenaar Arrangement later, and in the same year, the first China-Made carbon fiber fishing rod was produced in Muping, Shangdong Province, and hit the market, ever since then, the exportation has been on equal terms with domestic sale. In 2018, the export volume of fishing tackle in Weihai alone was up to USD1.45 billion.

Each year, it is ChinaFish itself that is visited by over 1000 international buyers from about 80 countries, though there are thousands of international exhibitions from all the industries in China.

After 20th Century, the China-made products accounted for over 80% of the fishing tackle products all over the world, U.S.A. and European Countries had ceased to produce any of them.

Comparing with the Chinese boat and yacht industry, things are quite the other way. In 2020, the export volume was only USD500 million, while the yearly sales volume of the world boats and yachts had reached up to USD40 billion, if there were fees of maintenance, management, entertainments, etc. the income would be over USD 50billion in a year. The big of the gap is so obvious. Now, the boat and yacht industry overseas are still full of energy. From a general view of the world yacht market, U.S.A., Italy, France and U.K. are predominant in the market. Italy ranks the first, followed by U.S.A., Netherlands, Germany, U.K. and Turkey. The yachts in Europe are comparably large and luxury while the average price for one yacht is only USD115 thousand, about RMB800 thousand, and the small yachts with the price of several tens of thousands Euro account for over 84%. The world largest yacht group BRUNSWICK and the second largest group GENMAR are all from U.S.A., with the yearly production of leisure yachts of 20 thousand or so, ranking the top of the world, and the sales volume is over USD2 billion. Most of the yachts produced in U.S.A. is small to medium ones, the luxury yachts sales volume is only 2.5%, 80% are the small yachts with the price of no more than USD50 thousand per yacht. Now the America-made lure fishing yachts with the price of USD30 thousand per one are greatly welcomed in US market by its creative design, superior quality, outstanding appearance, and accounts for over 10% of the world market. In France, the sails dominate the market, Italy is proud of its top end luxury yachts, and is leading in the yachts industry by its design and superior quality, and are greatly welcomed by the world consumers.

From the view of consumption, every 140 people own one yacht among the developed countries worldwide, and the per capita consumption of yacht is pretty high in the developed countries of Europe and U.S. etc. America is the world largest yacht consumption country, the yacht consumption is about 17 million or so, every 14 people own one yacht, and in many developed countries in North Europe, every 10 people own one yacht. According to the statistics of National Maritime Administration, there are 2500 yachts registered in China, and 5000, if the fishing yachts are counted, that is every 270 thousand people own one yacht. Compared with the developed countries, the gap of the per capita consumption of yacht is big, the yacht industry is about USD500 million, the whole market is mall, generally speaking, the Chinese yachts market is still in the primary stage of the development.

In the following decade, the Chinese yacht industry is likely to increase by over 30% per year, and will meet the new consecutive industry opportunity. In China, there are over 17 provinces and more than 80 central cities have begun the plans and projects of the development of landscape and water, and many of the governments intended to develop the yacht industry. Meanwhile, the industry chain is getting more and more balanced, the lack of the equipment and service of this industry is getting better. Generally speaking, there will be development spike of the Chinese yacht industry. And the Chinese yacht industry is estimated to be USD5 to 7 billion in the next 10 years.
The design ideas, raw materials and quality of the yachts made in China need a revolution throughly.

By the 30-year experience of international shows organization of ChinaFish, we have the conviction that the 30-year huge change of the Chinese fishing tackle industry will happen again to the Chinese yacht industry.

ChinaFish has the resource of a huge group of overseas regular professional buyers in the past 30 years, some of them have visited ChinaFish for 30 years consecutively. The Chinese fishing tackle manufacturers learnt the latest technology, new materials and new techniques of the overseas products by OEM manufacturing. The fishing tackle products made in China dominate the world market, accounting for over 80%, while the U.S. and European Countries do not produce anymore.

The 3000 overseas buyers of ChinaFish in the past 30 years are from 110 countries. What is worth mentioning is that the medium above fishing tackle stores also sell fishing boats and yachts besides the fishing tackle. And their regular suppliers are the overseas buyers of ChinaFish in the past 30 years, which will bring wider space for the boats and yachts exhibitors.

ChinaFish has send the information of this boat and yacht show to the 3000 overseas buyers, who are quite interested in this show. Meanwhile, ChinaFish has sent official invitation to 600 overseas yachts accessories enterprises to exhibit the show or make a video connection with the exhibitors before the show or during the show.

This is a great opportunity for the exhibitors, the exhibitors of the show this year will be the original member, and will enjoy the privilege in the following shows. The organizer will make the exhibiting plans or video connection plans for the 600 overseas yachts accessories international clients from 34 countries and regions before May. In 2022, the show will move to a new venue with the area of 70 thousand sqm, Weihai International Economic and Exchange Center. It will be held together with CGC (Weihai) EXPO and enjoy the overseas buyers as well.

China (Weihai) International Fishing Boats, Yachts and Accessories Show